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If you've always wanted to learn electronics but were intimidated by other books and overly technical websites, this book is for you. Want to learn the fundamentals of electronics in a fun and experimental way? Start working on some excellent projects as soon as you crack open this unique, hands–on book. Build the circuits first, then learn the theory behind them. With Make: Electronics, you'll learn all of the basic components and important principles through a series of "learn by discovery" experiments. And, you don't need to know a thing about electricity to get started. What are you waiting for?


  • Build working devices that demonstrate fundamentals such as voltage, amperage, resistance and more
  • Tackle more complex electronics concepts, including analog/digital conversion, logic gates and more
  • Learn valuable tips and techniques, always with clear explanations of what you're doing and why
  • Step–by–step instructions and more than 500 full–color photographs and illustrations

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