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Milo team

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~Why work with Milo?

Because we're pushing the boundaries of shopping as you know it. By incorporating real-time local inventory into the "same old" shopping experience, we not only give shoppers what they've been craving, but deliver retailers an unparalleled way to drive foot traffic into their stores.

So who are you? You're someone who wants to solve a real world problem and doesn't mind being disruptive in the process. You're someone who wants to directly impact millions of people and play a vital role in shaping the future of one of Silicon Valley's biggest icons: eBay. You're someone who values serious skills and funny titles. And, most importantly, you're someone who jumps on the opportunity to influence where we—as a company, as a team, and as thought leaders—go from here.

Real-time local shopping is a bleeding edge challenge, one some believe is "impossible" to solve. But we're doing it. And what you've seen is just the beginning.

Milo culture and workplace

Culture &  Workplace

Nerf guns. Pick up basketball. Thursday BBQs. Vintage video games. Poker nights (and sometimes afternoons).

During the course of any one day, you might find yourself drawn into a dart war, jamming to the newest band or flooded with orange t-shirts.

But while our culture is established, it's also fluid. Suggest something that's entirely you. Make it happen. When it comes to roles, we value specialists and jack-of-all-trades alike. There is flexibility to try new projects and wear different hats. If there's something you want to work on, speak up and we promise you'll be heard.

Milo perks and benefits

Perks &  Benefits

The whole shebang of eBay perks—medical, dental, vision, ESPP, Roth 401k, shuttle service from San Francisco—with the added bonus of continuing to operate like a start-up. It really is the best of both worlds.