Social Loafing: Retailers Underwhelmed By Social Media’s Selling Power

By milo on Jun 29, 2011 | 6 Comments

Imagine this: You’re the owner of a local clothing boutique and you’ve been investing heavily in social media. This means you’ve read the books, attended the seminars and received tons of “likes” on your page. Still, sales aren’t flying in at breakneck speeds. Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, a surprisingly high percentage of retailers claim that social network marketing is underwhelming their expectations when it comes to increasing sales.

So instead of the same old, maybe it’s time for a new strategy. How about Milo Fetch, a software plugin that connects local buyers and sellers like never before? It’s available for free download here so give it a go. Or you can simply enjoy our infographic to learn more about retailers’ use of social media.

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2 Comments on “Social Loafing: Retailers Underwhelmed By Social Media’s Selling Power”
  1. Tim Letscher says:

    I think your visualization, while visually appealing, is misleading on a couple fronts.

    First, how can you say that spending 3% of your marketing budget is a “considerable investment”? $165k. Social campaigns like Chase Community Giving spend well into the millions in order to move the needle. $165k is a drop in the bucket.

    Second, it’s ironic that you position the two findings: 62% say ROI is unclear while only 1/3 claim to have metrics in place for measurement. How can these retailers expect to understand their ROI when 66% of them don’t have the means to measure? That’s a bigger issue than most of what you included here.

    Found this post via Alltop so you can thank social curation for the traffic ;-)

  2. I’d like to see an infographic on the effectiveness of infographics.


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