A Year in the Wallet: How People Spend Their Money Over the Course of One Year

By milo on Sep 8, 2011 | 2 Comments

How and how much consumers spend their money can change dramatically over the course of a year. Seasonal changes and the holidays all affect consumers’ grip on their wallets. Below we look at some consumer spending trends and reasons why consumers spend the way they do.

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2 Comments on “A Year in the Wallet: How People Spend Their Money Over the Course of One Year”
  1. Rose Kleidon says:

    I love this infographic that Columnfive did for you. May I link it to a blog about new research my company will be publishing? (timeline: about a month from now)Most readers are part of small,totally vetted, local, in-house list of clients and prospects. 266 people, but they can share it, and we connect to the blog via Twitter and Face Book. The research is part of our ongoing study about understanding target markets. of course, Milo would be credited and linked. Our blog is at signal.kleidon.com

  2. admin says:

    Hi Rose – please feel free to link to the graphic.

    The Milo team

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