Wheel Style Manual Starter / Charger

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Are you wondering if you should have put a new battery in your car this winter? Well, if you should have and didn't, the Schumacher Wheel Style Manual Starter / Charger will save the day! Its 100A / 200A engine start will get you going in an emergency and the 40A rapid charge will have your vehicle up and running in as little as one hour. If you're really worrying about your battery, you can set the charger to the "hold" position and it will continuously charge. One way or another, the Schumacher Wheel Style Manual Starter / Charger has you covered.


Amperage Rating:2, 40, 200 amps
Automatic Charge Rate:No
Automatic Shutoff:No
Battery Tester:No
Carry Handle:Yes
Conditioning/Desulphation Cycle:No
Cooling Fan:Yes
Cord Length:72 in
Engine Start Function:Yes
Height:19 in
Length:9.87 in
Multiple Batteries:No
Onboard Mounting:No
Voltage:6, 12 v
Water Resistant:No
Width:11.7 in

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