Velleman MK130 3D Xmas Tree Kit

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Product Details

Light up your holidays with this beginner's kit from Velleman. Whether you're learning the basics of soldering or an old pro, this kit will lend a little DIY ambiance to your display.

Package contents:
  • Circuit boards (2)
  • Resistors (8)
  • Transistors (4)
  • Capacitors (4)
  • Red LEDs (16)
  • Green LEDs (4)
  • Yellow LEDs (4)
  • Battery connections (2)
  • Specifications

    • Learn basic soldering techniques and resistor, transistor, capacitor and LED functions
    • Use it as a stand–alone project or as an addition to a larger project
    • Power consumption: &plusnm;8mA
    • Power supply: 9V battery (not included)
    • Dimensions: 3.1x3.5x4.0"

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