TDK DVD-R Recordable Media Spindle, 4.7GB/120 Minutes, Pack Of 100

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Product Details

  • Versatile, large-capacity storage.  DVD-R discs hold up to 4.7GB of data — more than 6 times the storage capacity of a standard CD — or 120 minutes of high-quality video, so they're great for music, movies, photos, backups and more.
  • Recordable on DVR±RW drives.  DVD-R discs feature a durable write-once format with long archival life, and are write-compatible with DVD drives and recorders supporting DVD-R.


Item # 158265 
Manufacturer # 020356485207  
DVD drive compatibility DVD-R 
brand name TDK 
case type spindle 
manufacturer Imation 
media capacity 4.7 GB 
quantity 100 
recording time 120 minutes 

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