Similac Go & Grow Infant Formula Powder

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Size/Count  1.38 lb

  • Supports immune system
  • For strong bones, brain and eyes
  • Milk based with iron


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    Note: Abbott recently updated the packaging, names, and some of the ingredients of their Similac brand of formula. We are working to make the changes on our site as quickly as possible. Please see the Similac web site ( if you have any further questions about the updates.

    Complete nutrition in this milk-based powder formula that is specially designed to support your toddler's immune system with Early Shield.

    • Strong bones, brain and eyes
    • With iron
    • DHA/ARA
    • 9-24 months
    • 1.37 lb Container makes approximately 160 Fluid Ounces


    To Make Approx Water Powder (use enclosed scoop to measure)
    2-fl-oz bottle 2 fl oz 1 unpacked level scoop (8.6 g)
    4-fl-oz bottle 4 fl oz 2 unpacked level scoops
    6-fl-oz bottle 6 fl oz 3 unpacked level scoops
    8-fl-oz bottle 8 fl oz 4 unpacked level scoops

    To make a larger amount of formula using a standard measuring cup, add 1 unpacked, level cup (Not the enclosed scoop) of Powder (100 g) to 23 fl oz of water.  Yields approximately 26 fl oz of formula.  To maintain freshness, pour prepared formula into individual feeding bottles, cap and store in refrigerator.  Prepared formula should not be left unrefrigerated; use within 24 hours.

    When mixed as directed, the contents of this container will make approximately 162 fl oz of formula.

    1 Container = 20 Cups.

    Peel open resealable label for directions and more information.


    ©Abbott Laboratories


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