Sex in Your Garden by Angela Overy (1997, Paperback)

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Sex in Your Garden

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  • Pub. Date: January 1997
  • Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
  • Format: Paperback , 120pp
  • ISBN-13:
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Whether you are a prurient gardener or a puritanical observer of flowers, you know that bright blooms are just advertisements for sex. But did you know that plant sex is extraordinarily varied and competitive? This book takes a clear and concise perusual at the reproductive processes of garden plants and their relationships to their various propagators. Written with a flair for the humorous and accompanied by more than 250 full color photographs and illustrations.


Angela Overy started drawing flowers while growing up in England. Angela has worked in advertising design in London, New York, and San Francisco before settling in Colorado with her husband. She has written for the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Fine Gardening magazine, where her own garden appeared on the cover.


Sex in Your Garden


ISBN: 1555913350

EAN: 9781555913359

Category: Science / Life Sciences / Botany/Gardening / Flowers / General/Nature / Flowers/

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing

Release Date: 02/01/1997

Age Range: 4-null

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  • Anonymous
    13 years, 5 months ago at Barnes & Noble

    5.0 / 5.0

    I just bought a copy of this book, Sex in Your Garden, and I have been pleasantly surprised. There is a huge amount of interesting factual material in it. It is a bit bold for some folks, no doubt, but it is all actually in good taste. I think that this book could be excellent as a way to introduce younger students to the whole idea of sex and plants, or plant sexuality if you will. This subject is one that needs to be understood much better than it is now. Unlike most botany texts on the subject, this one is in plain English and it is fun to read. Hard core plant scientists may object to its tone and some of the wording, but I don't think it was intended for them in the first place. I expect that this book would be a good tool for getting students from grade 7-12 interested in some basic botany. Actually though, it would be informative for all of us 'grown ups' too. I'm the author of Allergy-Free Gardening, from Ten Speed Press, and am especially interested in plant sexuality as it relates to allergies. I'd have to say this book is much better than I expected and I that learned quite a bit from it myself. The drawings and photos are first rate too. All in all, Sex in Your Garden is a very useful, informative, fun book. I highly recommend it! Thomas Leo Ogren