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Overview See Jane Win® for Girls A Smart Girl's Guide to Success Have you ever seen successful women and wondered, "How did they get to be that way? What did they do when they were kids? How did they feel? What kinds of experiences did they have? How did they become so confident, capable, and strong?" Dr. Sylvia Rimm wondered the same things. She decided to get answers - from women themselves. She and her daughters surveyed more than 1,000 successful women, then wrote two books for adults: See Jane Win® and How Jane Won. ...


  • ISBN-13: 9781442998094
  • Publisher: ReadHowYouWant, LLC
  • Publication date: 7/17/2009
  • Edition number: 16
  • Pages: 366
  • Sales rank: 649,024
  • Product dimensions: 7.00 (w) x 10.00 (h) x 0.76 (d)

Reviews (2)

  • Anonymous
    10 years, 8 months ago at Barnes & Noble

    5.0 / 5.0

    This was a thoughtful, helpful book for girls and even middle-aged women - when these issues weren't thought about much or discussed openly. I particularly enjoyed the story about a girl who complained about an activity in her life and her Father told her to fix it. This advice changed her attitude and focus and she did change it and make it better. This is real life adult stuff, good to teach to the younger generation, because if you don't like something you, the I can girl, is someday going to have to learn how to fix it; and feel good about your problem solving abilities. What better seeds to plant for self-esteem growth?

  • Anonymous
    11 years, 3 months ago at Barnes & Noble

    5.0 / 5.0

    A fun-and-valuable read for girls in upper elementary or middle school, Rimm's See Jane Win for Girls is a self-esteem boosting, self-discovery book that girls enjoy. My 12-year-old daughter enjoyed reading this book to reveiw with me, and she was smiling often, and even laughed out loud. From Brainpower to Social Smarts (or not!), continuing to tough topics including When Things Change (moving, new school, divorce, etc.) and Family (anger, parents, siblings, and more), Rimm talks about many of the everyday and extraordinary issues facing smart girls today, and offers introspection and ideas for dealing with them, and growing from them. See Jane Win for Girls is mixed with quotes and questions from young girls, quotes from grown-up girls, and inventories and tips to make the book even more personal for your smart girl. I'd recommend this book for all gifted young girls, before, during and after those difficult middle school years.