Salumi: Savory Recipes and Serving Ideas for Salame, Prosciutto, and More

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Overview The delicate flavors of salumi, including favorites such as salame, prosciutto, and coppa, reflect generations of Italian craftsmanship ready for both the dining-room table and the party tray. Salumi captures more than 50 delicious recipes incorporating these delicious cured meats into a range of offerings. This primer includes descriptions to help tell the difference between prosciutto and pancetta; a guide for selection, slicing, and storing salumi; serving suggestions; plus wine pairings to create a complete ...


  • ISBN-13: 9780811864244
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC
  • Publication date: 3/18/2009
  • Pages: 144
  • Sales rank: 1,002,933
  • Product dimensions: 8.50 (w) x 9.10 (h) x 2.40 (d)

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