Ryobi 4V Accessory Battery

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Ryobi introduces the Ryobi Tek4 4-Volt lithium ion battery. This battery powers the Ryobi Tek4 family of professional electronic tools and Ryobi 4 Volt power tools which are backed by a 2-year warranty. To learn more about Ryobi tools go to Ryobitools.com and check out Ryobi Nation. See below for more information on this tool.


  • Assembled Depth (in.) : 3.385 in
  • Assembled Height (in.) : 4.881 in
  • Assembled Width (in.) : 1 in
  • Battery Type Required : Lithium-Ion
  • Color Family : Black
  • Depth (in) : 1 in
  • Height (in) : 4.881 in
  • Item Package Type : Cardboard Container
  • Item Weight : .14 lb
  • Power Tool Accessory Type : Battery
  • Power Tool Product Type : Power Tool Accessory
  • Rechargeable : Yes
  • Returnable : 90-Day
  • Voltage (volts) : 4 V
  • Width (in) : 3.385 in

Reviews (26)

  • HIM001
    1 year, 7 months ago at Home Depot
    South Carolina

    1.0 / 5.0

    I also have problems with the batteries. Under load (drill use), batteries die quickly and will not recharge.

  • ge1331
    1 year, 7 months ago at Home Depot
    Naples, FL, USA

    5.0 / 5.0

    The Ryobi round over router bit set is a good bargain at $20.00. It comes with four bits, 1/8" to 1/2", which is exactly what I need for a couple of upcoming projects.

  • shoezel
    1 year, 8 months ago at Home Depot
    Aloha, Oregon

    5.0 / 5.0

    An extra battery is an essential part of a good portable tool so that one can keep using his tool after the first battery runs out in the middle of a job. The light weight Lithium battery is a good addition to the Ryobi mini-drill.

  • Richard
    1 year, 7 months ago at Home Depot

    5.0 / 5.0

    Price was great. love the quick release on the drill.

  • Tooladdict
    2 years, 3 months ago at Home Depot

    5.0 / 5.0

    I have about six of these batteries for different products. I like using this battery and ryobi's led flashlights because you don't have to worry about throwing away a battery withpower left over because with led flashlights, you may have a period of bright light, then a long period of dim light. Not with ryobi's battery. You always have a strong beam of light. Now they need to make a """" head lamp"""

  • lanoco
    2 years, 4 months ago at Home Depot

    5.0 / 5.0

    The Ryobi Tek4 4-Volt lithium ion battery powers the Ryobi Tek4 family of professional electronic tools and Ryobi 4 Volt power tools. Works fine.

  • Shar
    2 years, 4 months ago at Home Depot

    5.0 / 5.0

    We use our Tek4 batteries in our flashlights and have found the battery to be long lasting and durable. I've had my flashlight for over two years, use my light a lot every day, and only need to charge my battery about once every 3-4 weeks! I wouldn't be without it!The first year we owned them my husband ran his over with the tow truck in a snow storm. We found it the next day and the light was still lit. The flashlight is tough too!

    2 years, 5 months ago at Home Depot
    Iowa, USA

    2.0 / 5.0

    Screwdriver is great if the battery was good. First one failed after first use. Took it back and second one lasted two weeks. Checked charger = OK -,Don't know if I want to invest in another battery

  • RLatham
    2 years, 5 months ago at Home Depot
    Yucca Valley, CA

    5.0 / 5.0

    Spare batteries are a must for the drill/driver or the volt/amp meter. The price is competitive with standard batteries and last much longer with fast recharge capability so you never need to wait!

  • Chas
    2 years, 6 months ago at Home Depot
    Florida, USA

    5.0 / 5.0

    I like the small drill and this was a second battery to extend my use time. It is a good addition to my shop.

    2 years, 6 months ago at Home Depot
    Louisiana, USA

    1.0 / 5.0

    Ryobi Tek4 4-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery was not dependable 4 and a 1/2 months and battery died. Not at all what I expected from Ryobi.

  • August
    2 years, 8 months ago at Home Depot
    Olympia, WA, USA

    4.0 / 5.0

    Rechargeable battery is a convienent option for vehichle use with built in charge outlet.

  • Brio
    2 years, 10 months ago at Home Depot

    1.0 / 5.0

    One of the two batteries has completely failed after only two chargings and does nothing in the drill or the charger, but the other is fine. Also, I had to replace the drill already because it's battery did the exact same thing after just a couple weeks. Do I only maybe have another week on the second ordered battery working?

  • mark
    2 years, 10 months ago at Home Depot
    Massachusetts, USA

    5.0 / 5.0

    I purchased the screwdriver to do a specific task,worked great. this got me to look at the compact flashlight {bought 2, 1 for each car} then saw the cell phone charger, Also 2 purchased AND the MP3 player! i am a sucker for things that WORK

  • mark
    2 years, 10 months ago at Home Depot
    Harrisburg, NC, USA

    1.0 / 5.0

    I got the electronic headphones and the small drill as Christmas presents about a year ago. I've only used them each a few times. The other day I noticed one of the batteries is dead and will not recharge. I notice the last 5-6 reviewers on here have the same problem. The add for the battery says it is the equivalent to 6,000 alkaline batteries. I probably used the drill 6 times. Long way from 6,000 alkaline batteries.

  • chris
    2 years, 11 months ago at Home Depot
    Greensboro, NC, USA

    1.0 / 5.0

    bought a kit with battery and charger in Oct and used the tool twice. Bout the flashlight yesterday and got my battery out of my kit and it will not charge, the chargers lights just blink without charging. Contacted ryobi CS tonight, we'll see what happens.

  • Gadgetman
    3 years ago at Home Depot
    Alpharetta, GA, USA

    1.0 / 5.0

    Purchased the Ryobi HP53LK TEK4 1/4 in. 4-Volt Screwdriver and the battery DIED on the second use. I returned the Ryobi Screwdriver and received a replacement. After the second use of the replacement, the battery DIED once again. The battery will not charge or do anything. I liked the small drill but it is no good without an operational battery. It has to be a design or manufacturing problem.

  • Ryobiman
    3 years, 1 month ago at Home Depot

    1.0 / 5.0

    Had the Tek4 kit (suppression headphones, drill, flashlight) batts worked great in light and headphones and recharged a few times. Battery died under load in 1st use in drill and wouldn't take a recharge, 2nd battery did same thing a week later in the drill. Only had for 2 months, returned to store for full refund as Ryobi CS wanted whole kit shipped to them and only warranted repair for 30 days.

  • Larry
    3 years, 2 months ago at Home Depot
    Las Cruces, NM, USA

    1.0 / 5.0

    This battery didn't just loose capacity- it died suddenly while in use! I hope the replacement holds us better, since I like the drill, and would hate to find another one that is so small yet more than powerful enough for household use.

  • none
    3 years, 2 months ago at Home Depot

    5.0 / 5.0

    Really convienient tools small size and easy to carry even in a pocket.

  • morris771
    3 years, 6 months ago at Home Depot

    5.0 / 5.0

    I have two of these batteries so I always have one fresh and ready to go when needed. Will definitely be buying more in the future.

  • daddeedogdavid
    4 years, 3 months ago at Home Depot
    Phoenix, AZ

    5.0 / 5.0

    I own multiple TEk4 products and about 8 of these batteries. I really enjoy the rapid charger which will fully charge a battery in under 45 min. These batteries only fit one way into the chargers and products, so they are convenient, handy and dependable. They last much longer than I would expect. I am very pleased with these Ryobi Tek4 products and batteries.

  • FredtheRetired
    4 years, 8 months ago at Home Depot
    Arnold, Maryland

    5.0 / 5.0

    After visiting several stores looking for the Ryobi battery packs and not finding any, I returned to Home Depot web page and ordered the batteries. The Ryobi battery packs were at my house in 2 days. While they didn't need recharging, I topped them off and placed them in the RYOBI product ready to use. I especially like the small Ryobi 4v flashlight for distant viewing in my backyard. It gets used several times a night, watching the animals.

  • Builder411
    4 years, 11 months ago at Home Depot
    West Point, MS

    5.0 / 5.0

    The Ryobi Tek4 Lithium-Ion Battery is the perfect high-power source to enable the compact and easily-portable Ryobi Tek4 power tools to be as excellent as they are for DIY uses and professional applications. These batteries are a perfect example of a great idea adapted to the real world.

  • itsborken
    2 years ago at Home Depot
    Phoenix AZ

    1.0 / 5.0

    AVOID. I bought a screwdriver and a spare battery for infrequent use. Went to charge it prior to use one time but the charger just flashes and the battery doesn't charge at all. Bought the better charger, it still wouldn't charge. The second battery charged for a couple times, then stopped working too. Bought a third battery just to see if the screwdriver was shot--which continues to work. The problem is in the battery/charging system. They might as well claim you will get 6 billion charges, no way you'll ever see the 6000 alkaline charges claimed on the box.

  • Chasmoporthetes
    1 year, 9 months ago at Home Depot
    Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

    5.0 / 5.0

    I bought 2 so that I have back up for my Tek4 driver, and light. I have the RP4400 High Intensity light, and the AP4302 Rapid Charger that comes with a USB cord, and can actually charge these batteries enroute to a job site.