Power Yoga - Flexibility (DVD, 2004)

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  • Release Date: 2004-11-09
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
  • Artist Name:
  • Director: Info Not Available
  • AMG Rating:
  • MPAA Rating:
  • Category: Instructional
  • Cautions: Not Available
  • Year: 2004
  • Running Time: 30
  • Movie Country of Origin: USA
  • Available Language: English
  • Subtitles: Unspecified


Power Yoga: Flexibility

UPC: 029956740204

Studio: Living Arts

Summary: For years fitness instructor Rodney Yee has been teaching viewers how to get the most out of their yoga routine, and now viewers who want to make the most of their body's full range of motion can finally do so thanks to this release that guarantees results in less than a half-hour a day. Beginning with deep-stretching yoga designed to stretch muscles and make them more flexible, Yee instills viewers with a newfound sense of fluidity, mobility, and power. Filmed at the picturesque Joshua Tree National Park, this video offers the perfect surrounding for a relaxing and fulfilling workout. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Category: Health & Fitness

Features: [None specified]

Reviews (2)

  • Anonymous
    4 years, 1 month ago at Barnes & Noble

    4.0 / 5.0

    I am quite new to yoga, and I found this DVD rather easy to follow. The routine is quite simple and can give someone a good foundation of poses. I always walk away from this video feeling more relaxed.

  • Anonymous
    4 years, 1 month ago at Barnes & Noble

    5.0 / 5.0

    I'm a huge fan of this DVD. I'm relatively new to yoga but consider myself somewhat athletic. The best aspect of this DVD is that you can continually progress in fitness, even using it over and over, by just focusing more on the stretches and performing poses more fluidly (which requires greater strength/better breathing technique). I would recommend this DVD as an accompaniement to a regular cardio fitness routine, as it's a welcome contrast for muslces to the tension created by running or using the elliptical machine.