Plaster Of Paris 25Lb

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Repair your plaster walls with this DAP 25 lb. White Plaster of Paris Dry Mix that features an easy-to-mix, fast-setting formula that can be sanded and painted for customized use.


  • Assembled Depth (in.) : 19.5000 in
  • Assembled Height (in.) : 4.0000 in
  • Assembled Width (in.) : 10.5000 in
  • Color/Finish : White
  • Depth (in) : 19.5 in
  • Energy Star Compliant : No
  • Height (in) : 4 in
  • Interior/Exterior : Interior
  • Item Package Type : Bag
  • Item Weight : 25.2650 lb
  • Paint Product Type : Patching & Repair Product
  • Paintable : Yes
  • Patching & Repair Product Type : Plaster
  • Product Depth (in.) : 19.5
  • Product Height (in.) : 4
  • Product Weight (lb.) : 25.53
  • Product Width (in.) : 10.5 in
  • Sandable : Yes
  • Shrink Resistant : Yes
  • Size : 100
  • Tintable : No
  • Weather Resistant : No
  • Width (in) : 10.5 in

Reviews (5)

  • Manny
    2 years, 7 months ago at Home Depot
    Downey, CA, USA

    5.0 / 5.0

    I agree with many here. Plaster of Paris is in most cases used to create moldings and not to be used for patching. Most people who've used this product for the later, as we've read have had a hard time due to the fast-dry process. There are several things that you can add to the mix in order to extend the drying process but in most cases I've found that it gives me a different consistency for what I was looking for in a plaster mold. I usually create my plaster molds with Plaster of Paris, seal it with a few coats of clear/dark primer, paint with acrylics, seal with a couple of clear coats of enamel based sealant, and then mount my projects with either liquid nails or some other durable and strong adhesive. The best thing about Plaster of Paris is that it can be sanded, sculpted, and you can even use a rotary tool to create whittling-type of works. Try it, it's ton of fun. Just wear a dust mask because it does get everywhere.

  • d34532
    2 years, 10 months ago at Home Depot
    OC, CA

    5.0 / 5.0

    This product is great. They should provide more info for option is setting time. Below are some tips but if you want more tips and how to mix plaster correctly do a search for "how to mix plaster"To slow down cure time and have more work time:1. The colder the water do longer it takes to cure. (chemical reaction aka the harding process is long at lower temp)2. When the Ratio of plaster to water is higher it cure faster. IE Plaster:Water 2:1 is going to cure faster then 1:1 mixture however 1:1 will be less denser then 2:1 mixture. 1:1 ratio is much denser then any premix and even denser then the drywall sheet. Personally use 1:1 ratio for my use.3. Never add water to the powder it should always be powder added into the mixing containor with water in it already.4. Don't start mixing unless both powder and water are fulled added together and the powder has time to soak up the water. Mixing early start the cure produces.Do not:1. pour water into the powder. See above #2 and 4 your powder to water ratio is powder ratio is much higher and the act of pouring the water into the powder also the mixing also.

  • Chowder
    3 years, 1 month ago at Home Depot

    2.0 / 5.0

    I have tried several different methods to increase the set time on this plaster, but have never had any success. When mixed exactly per the instructions, you will find the plaster setting in 10 minutes or so. Such a small time frame requires that you work like a fiend, and the chance of finishing with a result you are happy with is very small. Disappointing since it is so convenient in 25 pound bags.

  • 24368
    4 years, 2 months ago at Home Depot
    New England

    3.0 / 5.0

    Do not try to use this product to patch holes in plaster walls, or to add a smooth top coat to plaster walls. This product sets up too quickly - at best 20 - 30 minutes, and if it's old can set up much quicker. DAP makes a product called "Plaster Wall Patch" that sets up in 2 hours, and according to the manufacturer can have a working time of up to 90 minutes. You need that extra working time to be able to smooth out the patch or top skim coat. This product is best for craft projects or plaster molds. Since I can not seem to find Plaster Wall Patch at Home Depot I went to DAP's web site and got a list of stores I can get it from.

  • HDKevin
    4 years, 3 months ago at Home Depot
    Cleveland, OH

    3.0 / 5.0

    I bought this product to pour under a shower base. I mixed it but didnt have enough water on hand. It took less than a minute to harden and become useless. When you mix it, make sure you have plenty of water on hand or make it soupy and keep adding powder to the mix.