Onibaba (DVD, 2004)

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New high-definition digital transfer, with restored image and sound and enhanced for widescreen televisions; New video interview with writer/director Kaneto Shindo; Rare Super-8 black-and-white and color footage provided by actor Kei Sato, shot on location during the filming of Onibaba; Original trailer; Stills gallery featuring production sketches and promotional art; New essay by Chuck Stephens, noted critic and scholar of Asian cinema; Filmmaker's statement from Kaneto Shindo; Rare English translation of the original Buddhist fable that inspired the film; New and improved English subtitle translation; Optimal image quality: RSDL dual-layer edition

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. The Hole [2:23]
2. A Day's Work [8:16]
3. Little Profit [3:08]
4. Back Alone [9:41]
5. Curiosity [6:37]
6. Good Business [5:08]
7. Lust [4:31]
8. Sneaking Away [3:09]
9. Suspicion [6:10]
10. "Try Me" [4:57]
11. Advice [2:27]
12. Many Hells [5:48]
13. A Samurai of Good Family [5:02]
14. For Her Son [4:51]
15. The Most Beautiful Face [5:06]
16. Oni [4:23]
17. Staying Home [3:00]
18. Through the Storm [3:35]
19. Twist of Fate [5:17]
20. A Human Being [1:44]

Editorial Reviews

A landmark in fantasy cinema, this lyrical ghost story is set in medieval Japan amid a bloody conflict between rival fiefdoms. While the warrior Kichi's impoverished wife (Jitsuko Yoshimura) and mother (Nobuko Otowa) wait for his return from battle, they maintain a humble existence by luring lost soldiers into the surrounding fields of tall grass and murdering them in order to sell their armor and weapons for food; the bodies are then disposed of in a deep cavern. After learning that her son has been killed in battle, Otowa begins to concoct a scheme to frighten her daughter-in-law into staying at home with her indefinitely. After killing a soldier clad in a hideous demon mask -- which hides his grotesque, scarred face -- the mother dons the mask and succeeds in frightening Yoshimura away from her new lover's house. To her own horror, the mother quickly discovers that the mask is now securely stuck to her face, and her attempts to remove it culminate in the greatest horror of all. Fraught with sexual tension, nefarious schemes, and Freudian symbolism, this compelling masterpiece, by turns hypnotically beautiful and shockingly brutal, represents the finest in horror filmmaking, driven by powerful imagery and aided by sumptuous black-and-white photography. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi All Movie Guide


About this edition:
UPC: 037429185827
BINC: 7492847
Format: Restored/Remastered, 103 minutes, Dolby Digital Mono, Enhanced WS, Black & White
Region: USA & territories, Canada
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Alternative Title: Devil Woman, The Demon, The Hole

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