Mad Catz Xbox 360 Headcom Pro for Xbox 360

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Lightweight, ergonomic design allows comfortable play for any sized gamer. Just plug your Mad Catz HeadCOM Pro into the X360 controller for talking trash to your fearful opponent. The Mad Catz HeadCOM Pro features an ear piece and microphone, which provide clear transmissions of voice and sounds no matter how far away your opponent lives. Microphone swivels for use on either ear.

* Comfortable and lightweight wrap-around headset design

* Crystal-clear communication and sound quality

* Swiveling headset for use with either ear

* Works with both original Xbox and Xbox 360

Reviews (1)

  • very annoyed
    5 years, 12 months ago at Gamestop

    1.0 / 5.0

    The Mad Catz headset I bought was a little different; mine went in your ear instead of a normal headphone. Besides the fact that in broke within about two weeks, there were many other issues I had with this. 1) The earpiece created an incredibly painful sore in my ear that made regrets ever putting it in or out. 2) The metal tip never quite fit right into my controller and I would end up talking to nobody because it would constantly fall out. 3) The mute and volume controls are on the cord, a much more inconvenient place than the original Microsoft mic. 4) And lastly, the mic consistently would lag and short out, thus making it impossible for my teammates to decipher my speech. To sum things up, I don't see another Mad Catz accessory anywhere in my near future.