MacGregor Tourney 4-GW Iron Set with Steel Shafts

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MacGregor Tourney 4-GW Iron Set with Steel Shafts

The MacGregor Tourney 4-GW Iron Set carries on the long-standing history of ground-breaking innovation, performance, and versatility that has made MacGregor the most recognized name in golf. This iron features a deep cavity undercut design that allows for a larger sweet spot, resulting in longer, more forgiving off-center shots. With the club's low center of gravity, it is easier to get the ball airborne while still providing the touch you require around the green. Cast from soft, stainless steel, the feel of each stroke channels back to you without unnecessary shock, and the lightweight 75-gram shaft helps generate higher swing speeds for longer, more accurate shots.

Additional features:

  • Iron construction: cast
  • Shaft material: steel
  • Shaft: MacGregor MG75 Steel
  • Grip: rubber composition




Reviews (1)

  • Len512
    1 year, 11 months ago at Golfsmith
    Texas, USA

    5.0 / 5.0

    I've played several rounds now with these irons and love them! The short irons are very solid and straight, the longer irons give good distances. I tested several other irons and these felt and performed the best!I'm also playing the tourney driver, 3-fwy and 3-hybrid and killing the ball, straight and long!