Kiehl's Since 1851 Creme De Corps Soy & Honey Milk Body Polish

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This luxurious, creamy formula with Shea and Jojoba Butters and Sweet Almond Oil is blended with ground Luffa Fruit to exfoliate body skin without drying. With the addition of Pure Honey and Soy Milk Protein, our body polish nurtures skin, leaving it comfortably soft, smooth, and primed for moisturization.

Reviews (16)

  • Papaz
    10 months, 2 weeks ago at Nordstrom

    5.0 / 5.0

    Smells great! And leaves skin moistorize.Love this product!

  • sullyPDX
    1 year, 7 months ago at Nordstrom
    Portland, OR

    4.0 / 5.0

    I absolutely love this body scrub. I always buy the large size, and keep it in my shower. The scent is really yummy, and lingers which is nice. I only need a tiny amount to exfoliate my entire body, and the large size lasts me about 3 months. I see some people have issues with rashes or skin irritation, which I attribute to scrubbing too hard. I gently massage this scrub on my body and have never had any irritation. My skin feels incredibly soft and moisturized after use. I followup with Creme de Corps or sometimes another moisturizer, as I like to mix things up now and again. I get dry patches on my skin during the winter months or with certain water, and this and the Creme de Corps completely rid me of them all. My one complaint is that water seems to seep into the cap in my shower, but it's a minor annoyance since it doesn't cause a loss of product or anything. I highly recommend this product for soft, supple skin. Also great before shaving your legs!

  • millerc4
    1 year, 11 months ago at Nordstrom

    5.0 / 5.0

    Leaves your skin smooth and soft. Only have to use a small amount for entire body. Very creamy and spreads easily.

  • MOLong
    1 year, 12 months ago at Nordstrom

    5.0 / 5.0

    This is my second time ordering this product. It is hands down the best body scrub out there.

  • MissChanel
    1 year, 6 months ago at Nordstrom
    Chicago, IL

    5.0 / 5.0

    Very moisturizing and smells lovely and is gentle exfoliation...

  • Megie
    1 year ago at Nordstrom

    4.0 / 5.0

    Best scrub every! Smells amazing, works really well.

  • sylvia1
    11 months, 1 week ago at Nordstrom

    5.0 / 5.0

    This is the best exfoliator on the market. I've tried many others but keep returning to the Kiehl's formula. I apply the rich thick body polish to a loofah and massage it into damp skinin the shower. Its dense formula stays put on the loofah or textured body sponge without liquefying down the drain. It's rinses off easily, is very effective and gentle at removing dry flaky skin and imparts a smooth, soft after feel. This product comes in simple, no nonsense packaging and it is completely beneficial. Follow with Creme de Corps body moisturizer for deep, long lasting hydration. I live in a very cold climate and winter protection and prevention is essential to caring for my skin.

  • girliowa
    1 year, 5 months ago at Nordstrom

    5.0 / 5.0

    i've tried a bunch and this is by far my favorite scrub! well worth the investment. i have sensitve skin and have had no issues with the product. i'll stick with this one for all seasons, it's strong, yet gentle enough to use during the seasons when i have drier skin.

  • CharlotteGrace
    2 years, 7 months ago at Nordstrom

    5.0 / 5.0

    My mom brought me this Kiehl's body polish as a sample and I am already in love with it! I have some dry, sensitive skin especially on the bottom side of my arms and the first time I used it my skin greatly improved. After stepping out of the shower my skin felt exfoliated AND moisturized--and this was before I was even going to go put lotion on! My skin has never felt so soft! I am definitely buying a larger bottle of this the next time I go in to Nordstrom.

  • TXMomTo3Boys
    6 months, 3 weeks ago at Nordstrom
    Dallas, TX

    5.0 / 5.0

    I tried this on a whim when it was on sale - I had read on another cosmetic site that it was a great scrub. It's wonderful! Lovely scent, creamy and luxurious -- just like the description. It left my skin very soft and lightly scented. I will definitely buy again and will probably buy some for gifts. Happy happy.

  • AddictedToQuality
    3 months, 2 weeks ago at Nordstrom

    4.0 / 5.0

    I like how moisturized my skin is after I use this product, but I don't care for its exfoliating properties. For me, the exfoliants used in this ("ground luffa fruit") are too large and too few and far between. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend this as an exfoliating scrub but I'll probably keep it in the rotation of products I use on my super-dry skin.

  • Luluballet1328
    3 months, 4 weeks ago at Nordstrom

    5.0 / 5.0

    This body polish is very gentle and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. Unlike other body scrubs there isn't a slippery oil residue.

  • runny69
    1 year ago at Nordstrom

    5.0 / 5.0

    This is the second time I've bought this! It makes your skin so soft and lasts a long time. I also on my face about once a week but just a tiny amount!!!

  • Contact
    2 weeks, 2 days ago at Nordstrom

    1.0 / 5.0

    After reviewing the ingredients Creme de Corp and Kiehls Musk lotion contains Almond Oil. Anyone with a nut allergy or is around someone that has an allergy DO NOT USE!!! Review all items from any company before using products. Allergy to nuts can be life threatening.

  • Misham
    2 years, 10 months ago at Nordstrom
    Brookfield, Wisconsin

    5.0 / 5.0

    Wonderful on your skin, great exfoliant, great smell!

  • BW023
    3 years, 10 months ago at Nordstrom

    5.0 / 5.0

    My mom's friend gave her a Kiehl's gift set and my mom let me take a pick out of the box and I chose this body polish. I love how it's also an exfoliator which I think is great. I have the worst case of dry, sensitive skin ever, to the point where I had to bring my own soap to school when I was younger. This product definitely stood up to my conditions. I used to use Lush soaps prior to using this, but this item just leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I haven't had this great skin in forever!