Keeper of the Flame (DVD, 2011)

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  • Genre: Drama, Mystery
  • MPAA Rating: Unrated
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  • Regional Coding: 1USA and territories, Canada
(Manufacturer # 1000184254 ) Plot
    If you're wondering what Citizen Kane might have looked like had it been produced by MGM, we submit for your approval Keeper of the Flame. War correspondent Spencer Tracy is assigned to write the life story of a recently deceased super-patriot. One would suppose that the much-beloved decedent's life would be an open book, yet his widow Katharine Hepburn refuses to release any details concerning her late husband. Tracy gains Hepburn's confidence, and she agrees to help him with his article. Several curious incidents lead Tracy to believe that Hepburn was in some way responsible for her husband's death. While this is not entirely the case, Tracy stumbles upon a truth that has been carefully hidden from the public by the dead man's "damage control" people. Adapted by Donald Ogden Stewart from a novel by I. A. R. Wylie, Keeper of the Flame is perhaps the most dour of the Tracy/Hepburn vehicles; those expecting the usual battle-of-the-sexes repartee between the two stars would be better off with Adam's Rib or Pat and Mike. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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  • Our Gang short going to press
  • Classic cartoon The Blitz Wolf
  • Theatrical trailer


    Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Richard Whorf, Margaret Wycherly, Forrest Tucker, Frank Craven, Horace McNally, Percy Kilbride, Audrey Christie, Darryl Hickman, Donald Meek, Howard Da Silva


    George Cukor


    Victor Saville
      Suitable for Children
    • Sound : DD1
    • Language : Eng
    • Subtitles : Fre/Spa
    • Screen : B&W
    • Dar : 1.33:1


      An oddity in the series of films Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn made together, Keeper of the Flame is not a romantic comedy filled with sparkling repartee as the two leads spar with each other on their way to an inevitable clinch and thus may disappoint those looking for another Adam's Rib or Pat and Mike. It also must be admitted that Flame is a bit heavy-handed and propagandistic, especially to modern viewers. That said, there's still magic in the pairing of the two stars and it's fun to see them in something so different, something that might be called a semi-Gothic politico-mystery. If that seems like an odd jumbling of genres, it is, and it's one of the reasons Flame doesn't totally satisfy. The political propaganda is at war with the mystery aspect, and the Gothic trappings don't sit as comfortably as one might wish. That said, director George Cukor does a marvelous job of building tension and suspense for as long as the script allows; he would have done an even better job if the screenplay didn't give the audience a "spoiler" too early in the proceedings, so that the viewer knows the big secret much earlier than Spencer Tracy's reporter. The stars are in good form, and the supporting cast is worthy. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi
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    • Release Date : April 12, 2011
    • Length : 100 Minutes
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  • Aspect Ratio: Pre-1954 Standard (1.33.1)
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  • Sound: Dolby Digital Mono
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Français, Español
  • Time: 1:40:00
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