JC Hidden Mysteries: White House & Lost Secrets - PC/MAC CD-ROM

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Hidden Mysteries: White House

Take a fascinating journey inside the White House!

Solve puzzles, find hidden clues and follow the trail of Miranda's missing professor in this Hidden Object Adventure. Take a tour of one of America's most historic and important landmarks while enjoying hours of educational and entertaining hidden object gameplay. Unravel the secret history of the White House and uncover ancient conspiracies in this enthralling puzzle adventure ? Start your journey today!


  • Inventory based mini-games help the player solve the mysteries of the White House.
  • Over 30 levels take the player from the Oval Office to the Lincoln Bedroom.
  • Lavishly decorated rooms based on actual images of the White House.
  • Unique clue and hint system encourages and motivates players to keep playing.
  • Gain a lesson in history as the game takes the player through the White House created by the Presidents.

    Lost Secrets: Ancient Mysteries King Tut's Tomb

    Uncover the secrets of King Tut's Tomb!!! In this game you will play the role of famed archeologist named John Carter who discovers a possible solution to the mystery of King Tut's short reign. Working against you will be an ancient brotherhood who is dedicated to preserving and protecting the memory of the pharaohs. On multiple occasions you will be confronted with problems and puzzles that the brotherhood has put in place to stop you from uncovering the "truth."


  • Pick Up Clues to Decipher Ancient Codes.
  • Hundreds of items in each location.
  • 10 acts with 50+ levels.
  • Discover hidden objects and clues.
  • Credit Based hint system -Fantastic mini games!

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    Genre: Puzzle / Board Game
    Platform: PC / Mac
    ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

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