HYDRO FLASK Water Bottle Cap

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Hydro Flask Water Bottle Cap

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle Cap comes in two styles - Loop and Sports. The Loop Cap is vented, allowing hot vapors to escape before and during closing the lid so as to allow it to close smoothly and cleanly. Perfect for everyday use, as well as the rigors of the outdoors, the Loop Cap provides a leak-proof seal which aides in keeping your Hydro Flask contents cold or hot. Clip to a backpack or messenger bag and take your bottle on the road.

The Sports Cap is designed with the adventure seeker in mind. Whether you're traversing a crevasse or forging white water, the sports cap is up for the task. The convenient attachment loop makes it easy to clip your Hydro Flask to just about anything. Although not leak-proof, the Sports Cap holds liquids securely while you battle the great outdoors.

Additional features:

  • Standard mouth Caps fit 12oz. and 21oz. Hydro Flasks
  • Narrow mouth Caps fit 18oz. and 24oz. Hydro Flasks
  • Made from polypropylene (PP#5)
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Lifetime warranty




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