First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguisher, 14 oz (414 ml)

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Extinguishes fires. Use in case of fire. Stop fires fast! Grease. Fabric/wood. Electric. Easier and more effective! Biodegradable. Easy clean up. Sprays 4 times longer than traditional fire extinguishers. Great for: kitchen; garage; office; camping; grilling; boat; RV; fireplace; car; workshop; any room with candles. Applicable for electrical fires at voltages of 110/220 VAC. Contains no CFCs or other substances which deplete the ozone layer. Tundra has been tested to the qualified performance requirements of UL 711, UL 711A and KOFEIC 0108 by an independent nationally recognized testing laboratory.

Directions: Easy to Use: No need to shake can. Spray in any position. Discard after use. Easy Clean Up: Simply wipe area with damp cloth. 1. Remove safety seal and cap. 2. Hold Can 3-4 feet from fire. 3. Spray across base of fire. Use all contents. Replace after use. Do not attempt to fight large fires that are too difficult to fight safely from 3-4 feet. Store between 32-104 degrees F.


Specifications & Dimensions

Product Overview:
Item Weight (lbs.): 14.0 oz.
Product Type: Fire extinguisher
Overall Color: Red

Reviews (3)

  • groundhog
    2 years, 1 month ago at Home Depot

    4.0 / 5.0

    Haven't had to use it, hope I never have to, but it's nice to know all I have to do is pick it up and point it at a fire without having to remember to shake it, etc.

  • Smitty
    2 years, 10 months ago at Home Depot

    5.0 / 5.0

    Have not needed but based on the video from Cool Tools, should work when needed. You can never have too many fire extinguishers.

  • rfpnc1
    3 years, 7 months ago at Home Depot
    North Carolina

    5.0 / 5.0

    I certainly hope that my family never has an occasion to utilize one of the First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishers I bought. However, I am confident that if such an emergency should arise, this extinguisher will be easy for every member of the our family to use. It is built like an aerosol can; you can just pop off the clear top, point, and spray the fire. The extinguisher is certified for wood, paper, electrical, fabric, and kitchen fires. No pins to fumble with and no worries that the device is not adequately charged. Even a child can grab the can and stop a fire. The price is reasonable so it is easy to keep one in every room.