FAO Schwarz The Big A-to-Z Animal Puppets

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The Big A-Z Puppets from FAO Schwarz are a fun and imaginative way to learn the alphabet! This set includes 26 colorful, soft hand puppets with A-to-Z animal names hidden inside. It's great for use in the home and school.

The FAO Schwarz Big A-Z Puppets features:
  • Includes 26 hand puppets
  • Foster a love of learning ABCs and animals with creativity and humor
  • Made from soft polyester
  • The colorful animal puppets have letters and the animal's name written inside
  • Fits most hand sizes

Reviews (4)

  • Momviewer
    at Toys"R"Us

    1.0 / 5.0

    My brother purchased these for my 7 year old for Christmas upon my suggestion. Normally I would check reviews first, but we were inthe store and they looked so cute and had the FAO Schwartz name so I thought they had to be good. My daughter loved them when she opened it but quickly lost interest. They are made of a cheap nylon like material that snags on your skin. The mouths are stuffed strangely so that the stuffing balls up and makes it difficult for even the children to get their hands and and maneuver properly. When they take their hands out, the lining gets turned inside out and I had to try to reposition the stuffing I to its correct place. We returned them and Toys R Us handled the return quickly and efficiently with no questions which tells me I am probably not the first one to return these. Too bad, these puppets had great potential, but are too frustrating and disappointing for kids to actually enjoy!

  • First time grandma
    at Toys"R"Us

    4.0 / 5.0

    I read the reviews and bought them anyway. Glad I did. Very cute, functional, and there are 26 of them! I couldn't make 26 puppets for that amt of money!

  • Granny
    at Toys"R"Us

    3.0 / 5.0

    This set of puppets is cute, no doubt. The whale doesn't look like a whale - at all. There were two of one animal - forget which. The puppets have very little room in their heads to be able to move the mouths. I had hoped to play with my 24 month old grandson, but he'll have to manipulate the puppets himself. Overall, not that impressive for the price.

  • gramps
    at Toys"R"Us

    5.0 / 5.0

    these are wonderful puppets to help infants learn sounds and letters as well as association . What a great gift idea . Stole the show for my 2 year old at Xmas