Disney Tigger Umbrella Baby Stroller

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Whether you're zipping through an airport or cramming the car for a road trip, the is compact enough to fit into your plans. It's lightweight and streamlined for space-saving maneuverability, easily slipping into that cranny between suitcases. It's narrow enough to navigate any crowd or pathway. The front wheel suspension and swivels will make the going even easier. A rear parking break keeps the stroller in place when you're stopped. The offers convenient features, too. Removable cargo bag storage gives you room to stash your stuff when you're on the run - no more hooking bags over the handle and creating a tip hazard. Comfort-grip handles make the parent's job easier, while a buckle-closure five-point harness keeps baby safe and secure.


Specifications & Dimensions

Product Overview:
Type: Umbrella
Assembly: Fully Assembled

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