A Soul Reclaimed : A Young Woman's Escape from Sexual Slavery and Servitude by Lou Guzzo (2001, Paperback)

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Overview A Soul Reclaimed is a must read for all women who believe in the fight for women's rights and equality with men. And men should read it, too, to discover what so many women are up against in a "man's world." This book exposes the cruelty and inhumanity of old traditions that insisted all women should live and act solely to please men. How one young woman finally broke the trap set by male traditions and found freedom and true sexual gratification in her life. A Soul Reclaimed should be a trumpet call for all young women and children who are abused and dehumanized by brutal, self-indulgent men.


  • ISBN-13: 9780595153541
  • Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 1/9/2001
  • Pages: 160
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.37 (d)

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