1500W Elec Prtbl Crmc Tower Heater

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Soleus Air 1,500-Watt Portable Electric Tower Ceramic Heater features high 1,500-Watt and low 750-Watt heat settings as well as an ultra-quiet, fan-only setting to help warm your surroundings. Side-to-Side oscillation provides maximum circulation and comfort. Its safety features include overheat and tip-over protection.


Item # 672108 
Manufacturer # HC7-15-01  
power indicator yes 
number of heat settings
number of speed settings
temperature control no 
automatic safety shut-off yes 
heating capacity 120V/60HZ 
overheating alarm no 
wattage 1500/750 watts 
oscillating yes 
portable yes 
room coverage 500 
color white 
dimensions 22.4"H x 7.87"W x 8.275"D 
construction ceramic 
warranty length 90-day limited 
brand name Soleus 
manufacturer Soleus 
model name hc7-15-01 
UL listed yes 
postconsumer recycled content 0 % 
total recycled content 0 % 

Reviews (4)

  • rosey
    2 years, 6 months ago at Home Depot

    4.0 / 5.0

    Heats our huge living room without a problem. I aso love the fact that the heater itsself doesn't get hot on the outside, since we have a curious 2 year old! Great value-Glad I made this purchase!!

  • Terraplayman
    5 years ago at Home Depot
    mountains of Washington state

    5.0 / 5.0

    We got one, then two more, and orderered another today. We tried the oil things, bathroom ones, and propane, and even a 5000 watt $179 one and none work like this one to actually heat up a room, a drafty one at that. We have to turn it off in the bedroom in about 29 minutes it is so warm.. It gets it from 55 to 72 degrees in our bigt living room in about an hour. Sweet. We even tried a $130 kerosene heater and it did about the same but no telling how long we would have lived breathing the fumes if we ran it daily. Did one day and quit using it. And we had the three for about a year and they work great still. Pretty quit and smooth sounding fan, also. And can be set to occilate or not occilate if you are really freezing and want it on you directly, like it was last year here at 15 degrees a few days outside in a 135 year old drafty farm "classic" house. Dont expect it to heat up a super big living room to 78 degrees, unless it doesnt have drafts like ours, but it is well worth the money and made well.

  • LadyDeez
    5 years ago at Home Depot
    Hercules, CA

    4.0 / 5.0

    The nights are cold as ice, the days as crisky critters, scattering about, searching for warmth and a small morsal of food. I needed just a little "hipe" of heat, from just a small ray of electric source. This heater hits the spot, safety, size, occillation, and especially the price. If you can buy two, one for you, and another for your special someone.

  • canarymerry
    5 years, 2 months ago at Home Depot
    helping pop on his desert land in the Utah rockies

    5.0 / 5.0

    our 11 birds, my husband and i live in a converted bus. this is how we heat the place lately. we've tried many others and this one's been the best one by far. all our others stopped working within a season up to a year and didn't heat as well. since we use them in a 40 ft bus (1890 sq ft, 300 linear) we'll be buying at least 2 possibly 3 (spare) more this week. three total will be toasty in winter. ours is almost a year old now. we use it almost year round. we'll see if it outlives all the others. it definitely outperforms. oh, and it doesn't poison birds like some others containing non-stick toxic parts n surfaces have been known to.